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Thank you for your interest and engagement on the Boulder City Parkway Complete Streets project! One of the virtual meeting’s interactive features was a survey that allowed you to rank the amenities you’d like to see incorporated into the project. Below is a summary of the results, with each question’s responses displayed in a bar-chart ranking. The higher the score, the more desirable an amenity. A total of 67 people responded to the survey, with the following number of people responding to each of the five questions:

Q1 (Speed Management): 66/67 people responded.

Q2 (Pedestrian Crossings): 62/67 people responded.

Q3 (Bicycle Accommodations): 56/67 people responded.

Q4 (Trail Amenities): 58/67 people responded.

Q5 (Aesthetic Features): 58/67 people responded.

This information is being considered by the project team for use in our next phase of planning and design.

Click each image to view the results

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